Grandma’s Hat Reverts to Loon Island

What is Grandma’s Hat without her standout flume treetop?  That is what gave that island its name in the 1940’s and 50’s.  On this website I still call it that today and to avoid confusion, on ou category sidebar it will still be known as Grandma’s Hat.  Yet, for this pos it is now Loon Island for that is its current function.  It serves as home for countless loons.

Once, though, it could be stood upon as the island had its namesake tree and a few bushes.  Now it seems over run with the latter.  It also once had a great swimming beach.  Now it seems that no man could stand on that island since it is permeated with bushes. 

The island seems somewhat smaller these days as well.  Is it slowly receding into the lake itself?  For Big Bass lake already has a sunken island on the north side of the lake.  Thoughts anyone?

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