The Transition to The Hoffman Estates “Schaumburg” Boys Club

It took me nearly a year as the Executive Director of the Hoffman Estates Boys Club to convince my Board of Directors of a no-brainer. Schaumburg, from the beginning, should have been part of our corporate name as the club was actually closer to Schaumburg than the main part of Hoffman Estates. Now the Boys Club of America Regional Office is located in Schaumburg.

The new name reflected our membership much better and made fund-raising all the more efficient.  Once the headache of the football program had been resolved, the name change was next on my agenda.  The football program had detracted from the image of our facility much to the displeasure of the local United Way which demanded that the club have a full year program over that of being largely a football organization.  As it were, our football program was a disgrace as the boys routinely got slaughtered by opposing teams. 

With the infusion of a camping program in conjunction with the Union League Boys Clubs of Chicago our club sprang to new depths of programming as they allowed us usage of their summer camp in Salem, Wisconsin, in both the off-season and summer.  But, for all the pieces of the puzzle to fit together it took the name change of our corporate enity to establish roots in both Hoffman Estates and Schaumburg.  And, that was the beginning of positive change for our organization.

One thought on “The Transition to The Hoffman Estates “Schaumburg” Boys Club

  1. I remember this club well as I went there at least twice a week. I loved doing arts and crafts and Dave was a great director. The whole thing caved in when he left that position for another club.


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