On a trip to our property with the Marion Boys Club a surprising consensus took place on a hike down our logging trail. Most of our hikes terminated where our big swamp near the phone lines was located. At least on the logging trail. You see that trail continued onward all the way to Big Bass Lake Road but was rarely hiked by any of the clubs that came to our land.

Instead we usually took a smaller trail along our creek that led to Matson Road.  Yet on this particular trip we went straight forward past the wide expanse by the phone lines nd continued on the logging trail.  Almost immediately the forest thickens and another large swamp is found on the left side of the trail.  The boys on this trip thought this stretch of the logging trail was even more spooky than the Haunted Island. 

The difference was that our largest swamp is located in open spaces whereas this latest swamp is enshrouded by dense trees.  The trail itself curves around this swamp until Big Bass Lake Road is reached.  And, in this area of our hike, the Marion Boys Club kids were spooked by a deer that bolted out from the forest causing them all to hit the ground because it was so unexpected. 

The boys requested that this part of our land not be revisited again.  It was not easily accessible because there were some obstructions in front of this part of the trail that caused us to make a slight detour to get around them.    I guess once was enough for that dark forested portion of our land.