Former Noreika Shoreline at Big Bass Lake

One reason why I will never return to the Big Bass Lake area is found in this picture of our former shoreline. Our old cottage is on the far left (now in yellow) and as you can see, the rest of that shoreline is inundated with large mansions where once stood prestine forest and fields. That is all gone now having given way to progress.

Our old buildings on the farm are gone. No more sheds, two bedroom cottage, barn, grainery, and wood shed as all have been torn down and replaced with modern mansions. It no longer resembles what I remember as our farm. Yes, the farm field largely remains the same but everything else is far different.

My parents ashes were laid to rest near the phone lines by the big swamp on the far side of our property in the forest and that area will never be changed. But all the new mansions, I can hardly call those structures cottages, have forever changed the landscape there.

Even our wooded beachfront, where many boys club camping trips took place, have given way to large homes. I’ve often wondered how those homes will fare come springtime as many times the lake has filled that same area with several inches of water.

The memories I now have of ou property at Big Bass Lake are found here at Big Bass Lake and Beyond. And, with well over 800 posts in total here, a great many yet unpublished, there are numerous memories to recall.

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