Relaxing By Lake Michigan


This location is one of my favorite places to visit and just sit down and enjoy the view. The cool grass feels good and at times its good to get away from the sand. In fact some times I bring my hammock here and just relax while listening the the waves breaking on shore. It’s ever so restful.

I also like to paint (by numbers- I’m no real artist) as I watch the rolling surf. Lake Michigan has other uses for me other than swimming or body surfing. Its a good place to collect your thoughts. I also have two dogs, Frick and Frak and they come here with me at times. The bad thing about that is that if they go into the lake they come out real sandy and it takes some time to brush that stuff off.

Check out Lake Michigan wherever you live in either Michigan or Wisconsin, Illinois or Indiana, and get relaxed as its a great stress reducer.

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