Visiting the Big Bass Lake Public Landing

This is the road leading into the public landing from Big Bass Lake Road. As you can see, there is a new area being developed. Perhaps a gasoline pump as I have been advocating for some time. Or maybe a worm station so people don’t have to dig for their own. Only time will tell what actually goes into this clearing. Maybe even more expanded parking is in order?

By the way, Mike Elsner provided us with these two photographs of the public landing and this picture shows you the actual place to unload boats into Big Bass Lake. Also in view is a section of the Haunted Island to your right.

Our old wooded beachfront was almost directly across from the public landing about a half mile away. The landing is largely in use from Memorial Day through Labor Day although it is also used at other times of the year when it is much less busy.

4 thoughts on “Visiting the Big Bass Lake Public Landing

  1. Dave, The extra space was added by the DNR for extra parking a couple of years ago. And many would like to see the public landing close! As far as a gas station…I believe if you ask any of the residents that reside on the lake they would say “NO WAY”. The lake is busy enough. People can easily go to NA-TAH-KA for all their fuel needs. The lake residents pay a lot out of their pocket to control invasive weeds etc…that were brought in from non-resident boats with no help from the DNR. Thanks for all of your other cool post and amazing pictures though!!


  2. Big Buck, when our pier was the first north of the landing, we wanted to see them go too. Plus all the nloise that came from there.


  3. I can relate. I live on 150 acrea Big Crooked Lake in Kent County and we do not have a public access. I can not tell you how quiet our lake is. You can go out there on a Saturday at 2 PM and be the only boat on the lake. We are blessed but of course on the holiday weekends it can still get a little crazy at times. During those times I just pull up a chair on my lawn and crack open a beer and watch all the idiots give their non-boater saftey certificate guest the keys to their PWC’s and jet skiis. LOOK OUT!


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