The Eerie Sunsets at Big Bass Lake

One of the things that the boys of the Hoffman Estates Boys Club first noticed when rowing on Big Bass Lake at sunset was how dark and foreboding the water became. Even at modest depths they could not see the bottom or even the weeds that were a few feet below the surface.  Yet, at the same time, the brilliance of the sky caught their notice.  Billy Borst was often seen gazing into the sky especially as night permeated the area.

He had never seen so many stars in the sky before.  In fact most of the boys were taken with the same marvel as Billy.  Alan admitted that the color schemes of the sky was what interested him the most and each night was slightly different.  Take this night for example.  There was purple, pink, orange, and yellow ribbons throughout the sky. 

Add to that was the eerie stillness of the lake at that time.  There was nary the lap of even the smallest wave to be seen.  Only what the oar did to the water as it dipped within it broke that stillness.  It was hauntingly serene for the boys on those such nights.  And even more surprising was the quietness they exhibited as they took in all that their eyes could behold.  Such moments of stillness one can only hope to dream about on camping trips.

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