Stretching Out on The Good O’le Hammock


I had stretched my hammock out overlooking Round Lake and settled down for what I thought would be a few hours nap. I awoke near midnight but not naturally. A thunderstorm jolted me from my hammock right onto the muddy ground. I think I slept through some initial rain as it was a thunderclap that awoke me.

Needless to say I was soaking wet and quickly took down my hammock with mud still dripping from my hands. That hammock really had put me to sleep with ease that afternoon but I was not prepared for my rude awakening. I ran into my cabin only to have my wife greet me with a laugh. I must have looked a sight and she ordered me onto the porch to rid myself of my muddy clothes. Thank goodness she had a fire going as I was shivering badly.

Next time I plan on checking with the weather station before attempting any sleep around Round Lake.

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