Frick and Frack in Snow

Frick and Frack tend to vary greatly in personality as much as in color and appearance. However, generally speaking, they are very affectionate dogs, bred to cuddle with other dogs as much as with people. Frick, especially, will often walk right up to a strange dog and attempt to instigate a cuddle session. They are both incredibly athletic and keeping up with their energy level is a full-time job.

These dogs are not suited to an urban apartment lifestyle as they need a constant source of exercise, and due to their amazing endurance, never seem to get tired. They both tend to wander or what I would better term explore. They are loyal and with their incredible speed and fierce independence, the they will not stick close when off-leash. Frack is more the adventurer and is usually very comfortable with car rides and breaking out of old routines. My guys both tend to eat more than my husband Mike as they are ferocious eaters and can be food fixated. These dogs are happy to live outside as much as inside and in Michigan that is a natural habitat for them as long as they stay away from my garden as they love to dig. If only I could train them to dig holes so that I don’t have to and the way I want them dug for my plants and vegetables.

Their coat tends to be self-cleaning so they need only infrequent bathing and don’t tend to stink. They have a shedding season in the spring but don’t tend to leave huge amounts of hair around the house all year long. There is no fence too high for them to jump as they can leap up to 6 feet from a sitting position. Swimming is not their strongest quality but they tend not to show any resistance or fear of water and can be trained or encouraged to be active swimmers. They don’t take to retrieving naturally. Due to the inclusion of sight-hound in their genetic make-up, my guys tend to have very good vision and a strong nose. They are gifted and passionate hunters and tend to show these qualities at a very young age. My guys can be seen hunting anything from deer to minnows with varying success. And these two great guys are my pals, Frick and Frack!

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