Is League Lake/Francis Fox Lake Dying?

All that glitters is NOT gold. The glitter n League Lake seems to be some sort of algae buildup that may one day threaten the entire lake. Take a close look at our ground level glances at the lake. You can see for yourself how far out the murky areas are around the lake. And one of those areas is right next to the swimming ropes! You can actually see them right in front of the swimming pool just yards away from it. Who would want to swim in that mess?

The lake seems to be infected by ths mess all around its shoreline. One only has to wonder ho far out its going to get over the years. However, the swimming area itself seems to be secure for the moment but all around it the algae seems to have taken root. It will be interesting to learn how the camo plans to deal with this growing problem.

In 1969 the lake was not affected in this manner. Only small areas had this problem and largely the lagoon itself was in this condition. Comments would be welcome in this regard.

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