It was early in the morning that my friend, John, claimed that he saw a leprechaun scrambling down a hillside on the southwest side of Big Bass Lake. Since John had not been born yesterday, he knew full well that he had better scamper right after that leprechaun that it might lead him to his pot of gold.  But even though he searched high and low there was nary a sign of that little person. 

He later told his tale to a few friends that thought he had lost his mind despite his insistence that he had seen it.  He then began claiming that the leprechaun was responsible for the early greening of the season.  What else could have caused that area to be simmering in the 70’s so early in the season?

Well, John’s pals had no answer for that to be sure.  Yet they still weren’t buying his leprechaun tale.  So he had shown them the area he had searched and they did find a pair of tiny footprints which they dismissed as being that of a young child.  John demanded that they help him search for the leprechaun’s pot of gold. 

One of his pals asked him where he had been prior to his sighting of the leprechaun.  “Why at Na-Tash-Ka!  Why do you ask?”  So one of his other chums suggested that they all retire there so that they could have their own vision of the little person.  Which they all did!  After all they all knew that leprechaun’s were out of season anyway!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!