Concussions and Bike Crash

My nephew Bobby is the family historian and has created the page Noreika/Norris Family History. This was his latest foray into my past way back in 1956 yet I remember it well. My neighbor Terry Farrell and I collided head on in a bike crash. As a result both of us had a concussion.

In those days doctors thought it best to have us awakened each and every hour of the night and take 7-Up with soda crackers followed by a short walk.  Each of our parents did this and then we were rechecked the next day and given the green light by our respective doctors. 

No helmets were worn in those days and as I recall we had laid unconscious there for about a half-hour before anyone assisted us.  It would seem that no one had wanted to get involved.  Finally a good Samaritan came on the scene and the rest is history.

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