Approaching Haunted Island from the Southwest

Once I had taken members from the Marion Boys Club on a hike from our wooded beachfront to our granary so that we could get some extra tent stakes. But unknown to them, that was not my only intent.  At that time we were also to pick up a second rowboat that was docked at my family pier just below our cottage.

As we shoved away from that docking area, the two boys that were with me observed the Haunted Island from a different perspective as we were slightly southwest of that island.  As we came along aside it, the boys took notice of the area that we would be landing at on the central part of that island.  I had moved in close enough for them to observe the rickety pier and the small hill that led to a path just above it. 

Of corse we would be arriving at that location at midnight instead of late morning but at least Andrew and Calvin had a chance to check it out for themselves in broad daylight first.  In fact, broad daylight would have been more than enough for Calvin as it were as he was VERY superstitious.  I reassured him that during the daylight he would not have to contend with ghosts but for some reason that did nothing to change his apprehensions?

Even so, it was a taste of things to come.  I only wish I could share with you what Calvin’s eyes looked like at that time. 

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