Is This The Yellow Plane From Big Bass Lake?

What s dilemma! I saw this plane from afar while hiking the Manistee National Forest on a remote lake. From where I was standing couldn’t make out the color or even if this was but a reflection upon that lake. From all appearances it looked like the yellow plane that Dave Norris is always talking about that is based at Big Bass Lake.

Now I’m sure that there are hundreds of airplanes like this in Michigan but I just can’t stop wondering if this is the plane that Dan Carlson owns for I know he bops around Michigan lakes in that plane of his.Yet with my luck, had I climbed down that hillside for a closer look it might have been gone by the time I got there and, quite frankly, it wasn’t worth the effort.

Still, it makes for a great photo opportunity.  I wonder if Carlson is known as the Yellow Baron around those parts?

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