Firepit Cooking


On our camping trips to our property all our meals came by way of one of two firepits. Two holes were dug about two to three feet deep and then two as close to identical logs were balanced over each pit to hold the various frying pans we utilized. Firepit fires are far better than surface fires and keep the heat of the fire largely confined to the firepit itself.

If we had two courses each was cooked at the separate firepits to double the ease of preparing the meal. The kids enjoyed that concept. One pit was close in to our actual camping area while the other was on the fringe of our campsite somewhat away from everything else. From macaroni and cheese to hot dogs with meat, our meals came right out of those great firepits. Many a marshmellow were cooked there as well but usually at the fringe firepit.

A good ash base was also built up for when I chose to cook in the ashes be it a baked potato or foil burgers. The two overhanging logs had to be continually checked for if they burned through our meal would end up in the pit too. Usually two to three sets were used over the course of one camping trip.

Stange to say but the cookers on our camp work schedule was the favorite one for the kids far exceeding clean-up or wood gathering and fire starting. If you’re camping out try firepits for the maximum in safety.

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