Salesian Boys Club Travels to Hoffman Estates Boys Club

My old Salesian Boys Club of Columbus, Ohio, made their way to my new club, The Hoffman Estates Boys Club in suburban Chicago for a basketball tournament that also included the Cicero and Bellwood Boys Clubs of Chicagoland. Our club in Hoffman Estates hosted the Salesian team for an overnight at our facility.

The game was played at a local grade school as our gym was not a full sized basketball court. A trumpeter from a local high school played the National Anthem and then Bellwood Boys Club defeated us while Salesian trounced the Cicero Boys Club in the second game. Salesian went on to defeat Bellwood by a large margin in the championship game.

Then the Salesian club traveled back to our club in Hoffman Estates for an overnight of pizza and fun. They were treated to Roof Ball which our members won handily and paddleball along with the Tire Endurance which were all foreign to the Salesian kids. Brother Emile Dube and “Judghead” Jones were the supervisors for the Salesian kids. I enjoyed talking old times with each. Judhead had even managed to go to Michigan on one of our camping trips to our property.

Before returning home to Columbus the following morning they attended a Catholic service at St. Hubert’s Parish which was next door to our facility. I think the Salesian kids went home not only with the basketball trophy but a greater appreciation for the other games we had at our club.

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