This is the Winter That Wasn’t

I’m a little jealous of my good friend David who lives in Indianapolis for he told me this morning that for the next seven days daytime highs in his city will be in the 70’s. Today he said that Indianapolis will be warmer than San Diego. The expected high for tomorrow in his city will be 78. What is going on???

Even here in Michigan our weather has been better than usual and scenes like this have been few and far in between.  My wife always has whites out in the spring on her clothes line but the real white out has been as rare as the dodo bird in Michigan this winter.  My two huskies think that I’ve misplaced winter this year and that they’re living in another state.

My snowmobiles haven’t been used a whole lot this year and that’s a shame.  Maybe there’s something to this global warming thing after all??  And what will the weather be like in Michigan this summer?  I heard that it even snowed in Hawaii this winter.  What is going on???

I’m somewhat concerned as to what Spring will look like in Michigan this year after our winter bust.  Maybe even some snow among the apple blossoms??

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