Forest Pathway to Big Bass Lake

This is the area just off of Noreika Road where all my boys club trips unload either the car, van, or bus. The tents then go down to the wooded beachfront first which is a distance of about sixty yards. With the tents go a shovel, cycles, and a rake. While some boys begin redigging our two fire pits other start to cycle the area where the tents will be going.

Our second load down is our food supply for the trip followed by all personal items that the boys brought with them. Everything is unloaded at one time and then taken down to our campsite in shifts. After the area where the tents are to go are cycled and raked, the ferns that have been taken down are put into the firepits to smoke the area. The purpose of that is to reduce the population of mosquitoes in the area.

The whole process is one fluid motion as for the last twenty miles of any trip I specify what each boy is to do once we arrive at our property. Our food is stored in a locked crate and moved to the mess tent while other boys get our commode and tarp up and running. And, just as soon as camp preparation has been completed, dinner has to be started as we usually arrive at our property about 4pm in the afternoon.

Following our first supper we do some last minute add-ons to our campsite such as stringing a clothes line and also getting some wood chopped for the next day’s meals. Then an evening swim takes place followed by a short hike on our property. The last thing we do on that first night is have a campfire roasting marshmallows at our second firepit near the swamp. Then its time to hit the tents for a good nights sleep.

2 thoughts on “Forest Pathway to Big Bass Lake

  1. Ray-
    A virus affected my wordpress account and made bringing anything from You Tube risky. Thia included even videos about Big Bass Lake so I removed all of them. Once that was done everything returned to normal.


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