Oh, Those Pine River Hot Dogs

On each camping trip to our property we never had hot dogs at our main campsite.  They were largely reserved for our outing to the Pine River at Wellston which had an area where the boys could walk down a wooden staircase with water coming from a natural source cascading down beneath them. 

Once at the bottom a sandy trail led under M-55 to a campsite with grills and picnic tables.  The Pine River was in full view of this area and many canonists and kayakers would pass by often.  It is here where we broke out the hotdogs and condiments and grilled them up for the boys.  On this particular trip with the Salesian Boys Club you can observe young Ken munching down on one of our efforts. 

After lunch we had a rest and relaxation period as most of the boys draped themselves over the picnic tables and watched  those that passed them by on the river.  After their lunch had settled we set off on a brief hike along the shoreline of the Pine River for about a mile before coming back on an alternate trail. 

The boys always liked our outing to the Pine River for they knew hot dogs would be the order of the day.  And they never spared the ketchup or mustard!

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