Camp Martin Johnson Water Skiing

Every so often the CMJ speedboat would come cruising by with water skiiers in tow past our wooded beachfront in the 1970’s. It was usually our first experience with them in an afternoon before their recorded bugle call would wake us up the next morning. The odd thing was that most of the campers at CMJ went to bed before 10pm and that is largely when our evening activities began on our boys club trips to our property. So their morning bugle call was a tad early for us.

Our campers largely slept in to about 9:30 am. Our kids really thought that bugler was real and so did I. I only just recently found out that was a recorded bugle call. One of our kids thought so too as he said, “That guy is just too good as he never misses a note!”

Each day we would spot the camp speedboat carrying some skiers behind it going ever so fast over the cool blue waters of Big Bass Lake. But our kids knew there was another camp on the other side of the lake. Our camping seasons were much shorter than there’s as the longest trip our boys club ever took to our property was ten days with the majority of them being a week. A couple of years there were two separate weeks within one summer but those largely came with the Marion Boys Club.

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