Strange Lake Michigan Storm

At first I wasn’t sure if I was watching a sandstorm or a strange storm over Lake Michigan. The sky was indeed an unsettling color to be sure. Even while photographing this I stayed in close proximity to my car as I was not sure what would come out of this storm.

Well a few minutes later the sky opened up and a hailstorm began quickly followed by a heavy downpour and a drop in temperature of almost twenty degrees.  The wind stayed at around thirty miles sustained with gusts of nearly fifty miles an hour.  Huge waves pounded the Ludington breakwater sending flumes of water high into the air.

The rain was so intense at times that I couldn’t even make out the Ludington lighthouse.  And all that coming from the strangest looking sky that I had seen for some time now.  On the bright side I can  share that sky with you today.

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