Fishing at Big Bass Lake

When our boys club kids were at our property they spent a fairly good amount of time fishing. However, you’d have thought they would have caught some bass. Most of the time perch or blue gill were taken in by their hooks. Not only did they not catch any big bass but nary a little bass either. One of the kids asked, “How come they didn’t call this Perch Lake?”

Truth to tell, most of the boys probably couldn’t tell a bass from a perch, much less a blue gill. Being from Indiana they could tell you what a catfish might be but that was about it. Yet even though they were disappointed at not catching any bass, those perch and blue gills sure went down their gullets just as fast. I thought perch were right tasty fish myself.

Only a few of the boys fished but everyone reaped the rewards of those efforts. However those that didn’t fish got to do the dishes that evening so they achieved their just desserts, don’t you think?

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