Rowboaters, beware! This is the weekend where the big boats come into the lake and the public landing site becomes busier than a beehive. The other hectic time is Labor Day when boats are pulled out of the lake and taken to destinations further south.

Memorial Day however sees the public landing on Big Bass Lake as the center of activity. Of course homeowners are also getting their piers back into the lake whereas some never take them out. The difference comes by way of how some are warped and some not.

I often wonder what the waiting time is on Memorial Day to get those boats into the water and on their way to various points around the lake. Any idea as to how many boats are to be found on Big Bass Lake? Like the houses, the boats are getting bigger and faster.

Some homeowners don’t need the public landing at all as new roads lead right by their homes near the shoreline making for easy access to the lake. But whatever way boats make their way into Big Bass Lake, this is the set-up weekend for the rest of the summer.

Gentlemen and ladies, start your winches!