The Weeds of Big Bass Lake

I was ever so fortunate that in all my trips to our property at Big Bass Lake that we never had a major incident that happened to any of the boys from various Boys Clubs of America or YMCA’s. One time one of the boys got his finger snagged with a hook and another time one of the boys caught a slight cold but that was it. Yet one of the many dangers that lurk on camping trips revolve around the water. And at Big Bass Lake that included the weeds.

Before any of the boys went swimming, I took them on a tour of the area they would be swimming in by rowboat and showed them at about what depth the weeds began to appear in the lake off our beach.  They began in about seven feet of water so the limit the boys could swim in was at about six feet of water. 

I informed them that my dad once told me how he got caught in the weeds as they wrapped around his foot.  Most people would cave into panic at that time but my dad grew up there and remembered what his father had told him.  He dove underwater, holding his breath, and removed the weeds from his feet.  But that was enough of a story to keep the boys in six feet of water. 

Instead, most of the boys kept it at about five feet.  They opted to swim along the shoreline to our other sandy beach at the Pointe some fifty yards away.  Plus they overturned our rowboat to dive off of and played ball games in shallow water.  Thus we never had a water incident on any of our trips to the lake.  Safety first!

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