Somewhere Under The Rainbow

To me, rainbows are happiness. They mark the point after a dark and dangerous storm has passed th rea. They bring with them a feeling of renewal not only for the land but ourselves as well. I love to sketch rainbows upon my canvas.  As I had color to them my imagination runs wild as to how I will display each color.  I stay away from using solid colors as I believe rainbows transcend that sense of ordinary. 

The hues of rainbows are as fascinating to me as the hues of colors upon Lake Michigan as the light captures each wave.  Someday I will contemplate as to what might be “over” the rainbow but today I want to experience the solace under it.  Total inner peace comes to mind.  A feeling of serenity as well. 

What are your thoughts about rainbows?  Will you share them with me by way of a comment?  My favorite rainbow color is blue as I am never blue when I experience a rainbow.  What fantastic marvels they are! 

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