The Colors of Lake Michigan

On a sky blue day I just enjoy watching the many colors that Lake Michigan displays. In shallow water there are the light browns and it is where young children love to play and have the waves lap at their feet.  That gives way to a mixture of blue and brown in slightly deeper water.  Then comes the pure aqua color a little further out.

Then on the horizon where water greets the sky are the deep blues of the lake.  At times I like to just listen to the waves coming in while relaxing on the shore.  I shudder at those folks who listen to music on whatever device they carry with them while jogging or walking the shoreline.  What robbery when one can listen to the waves talking directly to you.

Suddenly the winds increase and the lake becomes a torrent of high waves and crashing surf.  The brown coloring extends a little further out as the bottom becomes roughed out displaying more of its hues. 

At sunset a whole new mixture of colors are displayed upon the lake and they can run the gamut from brilliant orange and yellows to deep purples depending on what the sky looks like.  I just love how our Creator paints His lake!

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