Gold From the Forest

Disease free wood in Michigan is gold in them thar forests. I know that our woodshed was filled to the brim with wood that was ready for early and late fall and then again in early spring. No one stayed at our cottage in the winter.

Having supplies on hand is like having a lifeline in the cruel winters around Big Bass Lake. Back in the 70’s fewer than 15% stayed in that area year round with most of them heading for Florida. I think that state doubles its population in the winter.

As it was, our wood burning stove didn’t heat the whole cottage, only the living room and kitchen. You could feel some of that heat also in the restroom if the door was left open. I suppose the same could be said of one of the three bedrooms that was closest to the living room.

Given the fact that our cottage was away from the forest by a good 100 yards, the full impact of the winds pushed against it in the winter and our cottage had a lot of windows. That is why non-diseased wood was gold in them thar forests, especially for those that stayed at the lake year round!

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