School Room

this is a picture of an old-school room from the Martin Johnson Heritage Museum located in Skinner Park, Irons. These rooms used to serve grades one through eight in a single classroom. I wonder if the older kids assisted the teacher in helping the younger children? The Martin Johnson Heritage Museum also consists of paintings from Martin Johnson himself and memorabilia from the camp that once served kids on Big Bass Lake. Take some time to visit the museum when you’re in the area.

Perilous Walk

it was a cold and bitter day and I had vowed to walk the break water at least 100 yards out. My friend Daniel and I were cautious and wearing rubber boots to protect our feet. Water was already sloshing around our feet. The lake looked angry as only Lake Michigan can get. We finally made it to the hundred-yard point and headed back
Already the wind had increased its volume and the way his room breaking harder. 100 yards from Shore might not seem like much but when you’re on the Breakwater on this kind of went it sure seems that long. By the time we made it back to shore the waves were breaking over the Breakwater mightily. We had timed our adventure just right. Daniel looked at me and I looked at him and we both knew we would never do this again.

The Eagle Has NOT Landed

As the Salesian Boys Club members and I walked on Noreika Road during one of our camping trips to our property we were suddenly enveloped by what seemed to be the shadow of a small aircraft.  However as we glanced upward we observed the massive wing span of a wonderous eagle passing overhead.  The sheer magnificence of it all took our breat away.  One of the kids just couldn’t believe how large and imposing that shadow was. 

I have seen many eagles flying over our property and somewhere on BBL and Beyond, in our video category, there is a short release of an eagle over Big Bass Lake.  However our eagle seemed much larger than the one in the video.  For that brief moment all else seemed to stand still as the boys and I took in that marvelous eagle in flight.  It was only a few seconds befofe it was out of sight and then we continud our hike toward our logging trail.  But that eagle was sure on the minds and thoughts of the boys for the rest of that hike.  It was really something to see!

Strange Place to take a Bath

I thought Big Bass Lake was a good place to take a bath but not like this! I’m not sure who that is in that unique bathtub but I have a few ideas. It might be Sharon Salanetro trying to get the attention of our resident Monster Hunter? Or it might be Angela trying her best imitation of the cleanliness of Hyacinth Bucket? Then again I might be Jeannie trying to impress a former Suitor? Whoever it is the bubbles are really flowing. Hey, maybe it’s Mrs. Lawrence Welk?

The Passing of Lee Dannacher

Last week Lee Dannacher passed away. When I knew her in Wabash she was known as Susie. Later when I established a website on Bing about Wabash she joined and was very open about her town. She was a very Charming person and honest to the Core. I also knew her brothers Greg and Billy. My prayers go out to her family at this very sad time.

Leisurely Day on Loon Lake

look how calm Loon Lake is today? There’s not even a ripple of a wave. The lake is almost smooth as glass. That means summer is not far away. I wonder what kind of fish is most frequently caught in this Lake? I also wonder how good the fishing is in this Lake? Do they have a public landing? And where is the best place to fish on the lake? I’m a purge man myself. Between Loon Lake and Big Bass Lake it is only about a hundred yards. A lot of Lakes are close together up here. Check out Loon Lake next time you’re in the area.

Dr. Smith and a Bubble-Headed Booby

 do you remember the television series Lost in Space? There was a character called Dr. Smith who referred to the robot as a bubble-headed booby. Apparently we have another bubble headed booby.  These new devices appear difficult to control. I must confess they look rather fun but I don’t think I’d want to be in one. I saw two or three of these in the same area and they kept bouncing off each other and it was rather hilarious. I wonder what they’ll come up with next?