How To Observe That Extra Day in 2012

Welcome to the 2012 Leap Year Day! Since this day comes but every four years shall we make it a special one? What about a skinny dip into Big Bass Lake sometime today? Is it still too cold even though this has been a warmer than average winter? Well, then, why not instead explore our blogroll (on the sidebar)?

If you’re planning a wedding, Chrissy Benish’s website called “Field of Flowers Farm” might be in order for you. Chrissy is a native of Manistee, Michigan, and her grandparents farm was right across from my Grandmother Noreika’s property. Another wise choice might be Almost Anything Goes which is a game that I have created that is played weekly where I now live.

For former campers or counselors of Camp Martin Johnson, a great choice would be CMJ Memories. It is a great site for those that enjoyed that camp on the north side of Big Bass Lake. Then, if you’re looking for a great place to rent for that upcoming summer vacation why not read Harper Lake Resort or Leisure Time Campground (on Seaman Lake)? They might have just the accommodations that you’re looking for.

Or why not try Michigan Lakes for a sampler of nearly any lake in the State of Michigan? Or My Special Day which features local interests of nature and tourism by an author that lives in Scottville, Michigan? There are great photographs on that site?

But if all that is too dull for you, than the brisk waters of Big Bass Lake await your birthday suit this day. And, if even that is too tame for you, the waters of Lake Michigan are not all that far away in either Ludington or Manistee. So make this Leap Year a special one for you will not be able to enjoy it again for another four long years!

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