Trolling at Dusk on Big Bass Lake

One of the advantages of having a second adult on any given trip to our property was that I got to spend some specialized time with some of our kids. On one such occasion I borrowed our motor boat and took Keith and Kevin Hansel along with Jay Davis on a tour of the lake while the other boys went on a hike. I had specifically wanted to take them past Camp Martin Johnson for until that moment their only identification with the camp was their bugle blowing every day at 6 am.

From our docking area we proceeded across Big Bass Lake on the southwest corner and then past the Haunted Island on the east side into the Narrows of Big Bass Lake. The time was just past 7 pm and it afforded us about two hours of daylight before nightfall set in. As we approached the camp, there were many children down at the waterfront swimming as this was still at a time when the camp was operational in the early 1970’s.

I took a wide berth around both Four Winds and Turtle Island before proceeding due east toward the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake all the while still skirting the shoreline of Camp Martin Johnson. We even went by their canoe launching area and there was some activity in that area as we passed it by. Kevin spent the majority of his trip time dipping his hands in and out of the lake as we progressed while Jay just took it all in with glee.

Keith, on the other hand, took a turn at the motor every now and then to learn how to operate a motor boat. He took it to full throttle after we turned about just past the channel. He kept it at full throttle until we headed south just past the twin islands. He managed the turn south just brilliantly.

On the way back to our dock we passed our wooded beachfront area and the three boys had the chance to view our tents from Big Bass Lake. Our campsite was empty as the other boys were still off on their hike. And this trip would be repeated two more times over the next two nights to accommodate all the boys with the same voyage.

Our whole journey was on a lake that was still as I had ever seen it. There was no wind whatsoever which was not the case over the next two nights. The big thrill for all the boys was to see the “second camp” on the lake which was by far the larger of the two as our kids also considered our beachfront their camp albeit without a bugle. And, that was much to MY satisfaction.

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