After our last snowfall this winter, I opted to go past the Ward Hill Lodge to see if there was anything going on. The Lodge itself closed up tighter than a drum but just as I was about to leave, I heard some hoops and hollers from one of the old ski runs hat had since been converted into a sledding hill.

As I approached that area, I saw a few people having the time of their life using that hill for what it was meant to be used for in that current day and that was sledding. I saw some unusual sleds and one strange-looking saucer.

One of the participants beckoned for me to join them but after just a few short moments, I opted to leave them to their fun for I had no sled.  I assumed it was some locals that were taking advantage of an area that had hills attached to it.  Some of those guys spent more time tumbling off their sleds than being on them but they were having fun and that was the name of their game that day. 

So the hllls of Ward Hills were being used but not by anyone associated with The Lodge so I still don’t know the fate of that place.  Thoughts?