Night of the Hunter’s Moon at Big Bass Lake

On a brisk July evening at Big Bass Lake I spoke of our indention on our farm field. The whole of that quarter-mile stretch of farm line was perfectly level with the exception of one area that was circular and about ten feet deep as each step took you down a notch. Why had that area also not remained level as the rest of our field?

Speculation had it that a flying saucer once landed in that very location.  When I took the boys of the Hoffman Estates Boys Club to that very spot under a Hunter’s Moon, the wind began to pick up almost on que.  Our farm field lies between Big Bass Lake Road to the west and our forest to the east.  The boys had picked various spots around that circular area to sit while I told of the options of how that had been created. 

Due to the chill the boys had worn wind-breakers that evening and as the wind began to increase, the boys moved lower and lower into the crater to escape its chill.  Soon they were all nearly at the bottom.  Another thing had happened as they retreated lower into the crater and that is the distance between themselves got shorter and shorter until they were all lined up in one line together.

Just then something blew across the crater and the boys hugged the ground for dear life.  It might have been some brush but on a Hunter’s Moon night, who really knows?  And right after that occurred the boys asked to return to our wooded beachfront.  One of the boys suggested that had experienced a ghostly specter that night.  Only the Hunter’s Moon knows for sure!  And it wasn’t saying a thing!

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