How Far Is It To Big Bass Lake?

I remember hearing that question of many boys club trips to our property about every twenty miles or so. But how many of you have seen a sign going west out of Peacock, Michigan, telling you exactly how far that distance is?  It also details a business just before Big Bass Lake, that being the Na-Tah-Ka where you can get a good meal anytime during the day or evening.  I wonder if Larry Bender will ever put in a drive-up window there?

All along M-37 one can see signs to White Cloud, Baldwin, and Traverse City, but since Big Bass Lake is not actually on M-37 it would be a stretch to find it there.  However, on the Peacock road?  Well, that’s another story.  There is  sign at the south end of Loon Lake that used to point to the Big Bass Lake Store and I have to wonder if it now directs one to Bender’s Corner Store? 

At any rate when you see a sign like this you’re almost at Big Bass Lake.  But don’t mistake either Sauble or Loon Lake for the real thing as they will be coming your way first.  After all, how many islands do those two lake have?

2 thoughts on “How Far Is It To Big Bass Lake?

  1. Now that there’s a Na-tah-ka south at Big Bass Lake the sign wouldn’t even make sense. The grocery that used to be in Scottville had a little sign behind the meat counter- just an arrow pointing north with Nah-tah-ka on it.


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