What’s So Special About Big Bass Lake?

A new blogger friend of mine recently wrote on her blog that I had a website on “of all things” Big Bass Lake.  Yet this lake has me in its power so to speak.  It holds childhood memories of my grandparents, mid-age memories of the three Boys Clubs of America clubs that I took on camping trips to our forest, and now of rethinking on all those memories.

Big Bass Lake is a unique lake in that it has five islands in it.  Grandma’s Hat is te smallest followed by Turtle Island.  The next biggest was also once the home of Camp Martin Johnson, that being Four Winds Island.  Haunted Island was not far from our wooded beachfront and it was visited once at midnight on each of our camping trips.  It had a haunted house in the middle of that all forested island. 

The biggest island is called The Big Island and since 1954 has had a bridge leading to this heavily populated island.  The lake also has Sunken Island just to the east of both Four Winds and Turtle Islands which is in the middle of the lake yet only three feet deep.  Many times pontoon boats are seen surrounding that island with their children enjoying the shallow water found there.  And, just to the east of Sunken Island is the channel between Big and Little Bass Lake which is about a quarter of a mile in length.

All these things makes Big Bass Lake special to me.  If you read many of the comments of people who use this lake either as a vacation place or residence you will find great stories of why this lake is held so dear to them as well.  Yes, it is a special place that will always find a place in my heart for it. 

One thought on “What’s So Special About Big Bass Lake?

  1. Your lake was unforgetable to me too. The Haunted House, bloody antler trail, night hikes, campfires, and the trip to Lake Michigan were great. I wish I were a kid again so that I could repeat all my times there.


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