Mid-Day Laziness at Big Bass Lake

The previous night had taken the Marion YMCA boys down the Bloody Antler Trail and our hike terminated at about 3 am back at our campsite. So the boys slept in the following morning even ignoring the bugle call at 6 am over at Camp Martin Johnson. The earliest any of my boys woke up was around 10 am and they struggled over to the campfire for an late breakfast of bacon and eggs. The aroma of that meal brought the remainder of the boys out of their sleeping bags and to breakfast as well.

The boys then just drifted about for the rest of that day. Some took one of the rowboats fishing by the swamp while others opted to rest their bare feet in Big Bass Lake at the Pointe. After about an hour some drifted back to their tents for an afternoon nap. The remainder spent some time with our land line rope tire swing down at the Pointe. It seemed that after nearly every hike down the Bloody Antler’s Trail on each trip the same thing happened the next day just as I have described here. That hike is probably the most intense and long hike that we take at any point on the trip.

By supper time energy had begun to be restored and after supper we played a game of keep-a-way between the Pointe and our campsite area amongst the many birch trees. Then we took a short hike on the eastern half of our forest including going past Lost Lake before returning to our campsite for an evening campfire of conversation and marshmallows. That lasted until just short of midnight when the boys hit the sack. Not a bad lazy day at Big Bass Lake.

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