Let me que you in on something. I love my pool room in my home. I do some of my best thinking over a game of pool. But not just any game mind you. I enjoy 6-Ball Pool the most. I play this with the eight ball squarely in the middle of the table and this ball cannot be touched whatsoever over the course of the game.

Before each pocket is a ball and the object of this game is to get every ball in its pocket on six shots.  However if a ball is moved even slightly without dropping into the pocket one loses their turn.  If more than one ball drops into a pocket on one turn than any extra shot is afforded them to place the eight ball in a pocket at the end of the game.

When all six balls are in their respective pockets, then a player must call the pocket for where the eight ball will be going.  Any other pocket gets him a single point but if he calls the pocket he gets two extra points.   But during the course of the game that eight ball must remain unmoved from its center perch until the other six balls are in their pockets. 

I don’t play Darlene very often because she likes to bet and she usually wins so she takes too much out of my personal pocket and then goes shopping with her winnings.  I think she practices this game when I’m not home.  Is that fair?