Sketching a Sunset

I ever so much enjoy doing pencil sketches of Lake Michigan. I just take my pad of paper and a chair out onto the sands of Lake Michigan and began whatever project fits my fancy. Depending on my location I either sketch the Ludington Lighthouse or the outlet into Lake Michigan of the Big Sauble River. Sometimes I pick a location between the two and sketch out the skyline against the waters of Lake Michigan.

Mike usually goes with me and does a few jogs of a thousand years in the general area I sketch as he does not like me to be there alone as I am almost oblivious to whatever’s around me while composing. In my mind I visualize the colors that I see however they do not go onto my canvas. I have a camera to capture those effects. The simplest work that I do are where the water meets the skyline. Yet I ever so much putting in the wave action of the lake.

It takes me about an hour to finish a general outline of what I want to do and then I fill in the gaps later at home. I prefer sketching on non-wavy days as it is hard to capture the Lighthouse, for example, when it continually is pounded by waves during high winds. Plus the sand is sent flying through the air and it stings making artwork impossible to handle.

I’ve always wanted to work with pastels but so far I haven’t tried that. There’s something so innocent and perfect about pencil sketching. I have several canvases of my work and I always try to top my previous work. My favorite times to sketch are early summer and early fall. And, I would recommend this form of artwork to anyone.

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