What Has Singer Ted Nugent Got To Do With Big Bass Lake?

At one time, this shoreline of Big Bass Lake was owned by the Professional Singer Ted Nugent. He reportedly purchased it from the Hyde Park YMCA when they put Camp Martin Johnson up for sale after closing the camp in te late 1970’s. It was said that Nugent then redeveloped the land for its next usage that being the Heritage Bay Development.  And that company has since constructed many large homes where Camp Martin Johnson once stood.

Regrettably, the founder of that camp, Martin Johnson, sold his beloved property to the Hyde Park YMCA to be used perpetually as a place where children could enjoy.  The Hyde Park YMCA broke that sacred trust when they sold the land to Nugent.  Yet he himself, having suffered a troubled youth, could have made it into another summer camp.  He opted not to go that way.

I have said before that there are any numbers of Michigan Boys Clubs of America that would have loved to be able to own Camp Martin Johnson.  Were they ever contacted by the Hyde Park YMCA much less any other youth service group?  Did Nugent try that or even consider supporting a summer camp for  kids himself?  Natalie Cole and Bryant Gumbel once attended CMJ in their youth.  Perhaps former campers could have purchased the camp much like the Green Bay Packers are owned by the general public. 

Any thoughts on this issue?  There is sure not much information about what Nugent did with the land once he purchased it.  Leave us  comment about what you might know about all this.

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