Ludington Lake Effect Snow

At this time of year Ludington, Michigan, receives large amounts of snow from what is called lake effect weather. Sometimes it nearly paralizes the city when it comes down at the rate of over one inch per hour. Roads become nearly impassible and with the winds blowing all that snow around coming off Lake Michigan it makes travel nearly impossible.

The Michigan Highway Department, in my opinion, is second to none as they do an excellent job in removing the snow but lake effect snow keeps the snow coming and drifting always becomes a problem. This winter wonderland is great to view but with a snowmobile as cars can quickly become stuck in the deep snow.

Soon though winter will be a thing of the past and Ludington will again flourish fully as the great tourist town that it is as the town nearly doubles in size. But until then lake effect snow is what occurs here and nothing can be done about it but to grin and bear it.

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