Hoffman Estates Boys Club Softball Program

The Hoffman Estates Boys Club softball teams consisted of boys ages 7-9 in our Cadet age grouping. There were five teams in all so each week a team had a bye. Our physical complex had two softball diamonds but all league games were played at the south field adjacent to our parking lot. There were no bleachers at this field so parents watched from the grassy areas behind each dugout.

Each team played eight games with the top two teams facing off at our second softball field which was directly behind our boys club.  That field was much larger and did have bleachers.  Our Broadcasting Club announcers also presented the game to the fans and the boys within the club that chose not to watch the game. 

Our Torch Club (ages 11-13 boys) presented the colors before the Championship Game and Virginia Hayter, the Mayor of Hoffman Estates threw out the first ball.  Our Ladies Club opened the exterior concession stand for this game. 

The final score of the 1978 Title Game was Orioles 6  Tigers 2.  Each team, by the way, had to play every roster player at least two innings out of a seven inning game.  Our program served about 75 boys in the program not o mention coaches and umpires. 

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