Standing Tall at Sunken Island

Just imagine what this must look like to people on shore? Yet the short area of Sunken Island is only three feet deep and in the summer pontoon boats surround this small area to allow their children to swim in the middle of Big Bass Lake! This fellow is looking in the direction of where the channel between Big and Little Bass Lakes is located.

At nearby Wolf Lake this would not be something so unusual as the greatest depth of that lake is but seven feet no matter where you are.  Even Sand Lake is not all that deep.  Yet not far from this location at Big Bass Lake is where the lake reaches its greatest depth at about sixty feet deep.  Even more amazing is that its little sister, Little Bass Lake, goes to  depth of ninety feet at its deepest!

What a wonderful feeling it must be to greet the day standing in the middle of Big Bass Lake for all to see.  Yes, standing tall in three feet of water! 

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