The Pointe of Haunted Island

One thing I haven’t mentioned a whole lot was on how many fallen trees surrounded the Haunted Island. That by itself added to the mystique of the island. If one where to row all around that island they could see what I mean. Almost every square inch of that shoreline is littered with dead trees.

In fact, it makes it quite difficult to row close into the island as it is an obstacle course of trees and branches.  In the 1970’s there was only one safe entry area and even that had an old rickety dock.  Yet, in the summer months, the area where the Haunted House was located was near impossible to see from any shoreline area.

The southern most Pointe of that island was where an old shack was once to be found in the 1950’s.  There were only two walls standing, if you could call it that, during those days.  It had all but disappeared in the 1960’s. 

At night, in near pitch darkness, it serves its name well and sometimes th cry of a loon can be heard which adds to the spooky atmosphere of Haunted Island.  Add to that all the fallen trees about the island and it all adds up to one most interesting place to visit at the stroke of midnight.

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