Beneath the Water of Big Bass Lake

Beneath the prestine waters of Big Bass Lake were large assortments of weeds which one could make out as they skimmed across he waters of the lake as they rowed upon it. My dad always warned me about those weeds when swimming. He warned me not to get my feet entangled in them as that could lead to drowning. But as I rowed over those ever present weeds one could make out fish swiming about them.

At times, weeds were hard to make out as the depth of the lake in various sections obscured them. Then again, as I approached our wooded beachfront, all I could make out was sand that covered the bottom from about thirty yards out from the shore. I used to put out a warning buoy where the weeds began and tha was the limit to where the boys could swim on our camping trips to our property.

Even so many good swimmers could swim just about anywhere in the lake without weeds ever affecting them. Campers from Camp Martin Johnson often swam from the camp to the Big Bass Lake store as they were flanked by some sort of boat in the event of an emergency. I suppose weeds were just a part of Big Bass Lake and necessary to the fish for food not to mention places to hide from the fishermen that pursued them on a daily basis.

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