ULBC Camp Pool Fun

The Union League Camp in Salem, Wisconsin, had two swimming options to offer their campers. One was League Lake and the other a four-foot deep swimming pool which just happened to be right next to the lake. I never liked League Lake what with its rocky and murky bottom. I always took my kids swimming in the pool while for boating I opted for League Lake.

The lake has always had an algae problem which has worsened through the years. There is a large section of algae right behind the pool and next to the swimming area. For safer swimming that is a problem that needs to be addressed. This past year the camp finally added a sand beach to the swimming area but they also need a sand bottom there.

The pool offers safe water to swim in and can be utilized for races and games. We often played water baseball or water soccer. Water volleyball was also popular. I think the pool was initially to be used for swimming tests before kids were allowed in League Lake. But over the course of time it evolved into an alternative to League Lake which many campers opted for and for good reason.

On my off days at camp I used the pool to swim laps for great exercise when the boys were not using it. It sure got my full attention the year I was a counselor there.

3 thoughts on “ULBC Camp Pool Fun

  1. every season mr fox would get into “league” lake and pump the green lake water into that pool. Jim and his water front guys would maintain that pool water so well that the state of wisconsin said that pool water was the cleanest in the state for an out door pool.
    Its was always cool perfect for those hot summer nights or for an early morning swim to loosened up leo wagers drinks from the night before!


  2. it was there when i was a camper back in the early 70!
    do u remember the totem pole? i was a cit as well as kitchen counselor , and a rec leader all under al mackin


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