Kent Exploring the Depths of Big Bass Lake by Owen

There’s a fellow out at the old Dinty Moore Resort on Big Bass Lake who is always experimenting with new contraptions to bop around the lake and now it would seem he has found one to explore the depths of his favorite lake.  Maybe he can even play “Zombie” while underwater?  I wouldn’t put that past him.

Just imagine observing speedboats zooming by on the surface from below.  Maybe at night you could slowly surface and observe some fishermen above set new records at speed for rowing ashore once they see something coming up from below. 

Kent was interested in a glass bottom canoe but this would really get him going.  I can just see him moving about the bottom of Big Bass Lake and maybe even doing a little spear fishing if this apparatus has that capability.  If Kent wanted to be the first at the lake to have a glass bottom canoe just think what he would do to get one of these?

I wonder if this vehicle could tow skiers?  And what is its top speed?  And WHEN will Kent be getting one? 

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