Inner Tube Fun at Lake Michigan

The last two days I have been talking about the Lookout Tower at the Lake Michigan Recreation Area. Today the focus is on what the kids from the Salesian Boys Club observed to the west, that being Lake Michigan itself. From the bottom of those stairs we hung a right and up one sand dune and down the very same and we were on the shores of that Great Lake. However this Area has unsupervised swimming. And, it is one of the few places where the Manistee National Forest hugs the shoreline of Lake Michigan.

The boys jumped into the lake with their inner tubes and spent an hour bobbing up and down in the waves. Then I tossed out a beach ball to them and they spent another hour either playing catch or trying to ride that large beach ball. A few of the boys spread out their towels to catch a few rays of the sun. I got a kick out of Mike Jones trying his best to force that beach ball underwater with little success.

After our swimming time, the boys enjoyed a grilled hot dog lunch at the picnic area before taking a short hike on one of the Recreation Area trails before heading home to Big Bass Lake. The Recreation Area was always a favorite off-site trip for any boys club group of boys. It provided them with almost a full afternoon of fun and exploration.

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