The Thriving Town of Free Soil

Just a few short miles from the Orchard Market on US 31 is the quaint town of Free Soil, Michigan. For anyone that might want to drive fast through these small towns, this railroad crossing will want to make you change your mind. It is perhaps the bumpiest railroad tracks I have ever been over! Nearly every socket in your car will take notice of this crossing. Welcome to Free Soil!

My husband, Mike, used to take me to an old drug store in this town which used to serve up the best strawberry milkshakes ever.  Using this photograph as a reference point, it would have been not that far ahead on the right side of the road.  I don’t think it’s there anymore which is a shame.  For the time that it was in business it must have been the place to go in Free Soil as there didn’t seem to be that much competition. 

A few miles east of the town was a place called Camp Sauble and for the longest time, much to my husbands amusement, I thought it to be some sort of kids summer camp.  It was years later that I discovered it to be a correctional facility in the Michigan prison system.  Ha, Ha, Michael!

This provides you with an aerial view of Free Soil. At one time it had a school there and a railroad depot.  Did any of our readers go to school in Free Soil?  I haven’t been back to Free Soil for many years now even though Mike and I travel the immediate area quite a bit.  Someday i will get back there to at least see what has taken that drug stores place.  Maybe I’ll be surprised?

10 thoughts on “The Thriving Town of Free Soil

  1. I went to school here. I moved back here with my wife and kids a few years ago. It is a great place to raise a family. The place with the shakes was the old Honey Suckle. It closed down more than 20 years ago.


  2. I could probably get one for you. It has been converted to a home now but it still looks the same pretty much from the outside. I will see what I can do.


  3. My dad Frank Eddy built the Honey Suckle in 1912 for his brother George Eddy. My dad bought the Honey Suckle from him in 1914 and operated it until 1955. Yes it was THE PLACE to go in Free Soil. It originally behind where the fire dept. is currently which is across the street from its current location. My dad moved it to it current location and enlarged the bldg. several times. My dad had large signs at the west edge of town and 12 miles east of Free Soil advertising The Honey Suckle.


  4. I have a friend that graduated from the Freesoil school. Barb Swanson. Look her up on Facebook


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