235 Steps Up to the Lookout Tower- Part One

Wow! This brings back those memories with the Salesian Boys Club of Columbus, Ohio, when we came to the Lake Michigan Recreation Area. I recall that even in my late 20’s, I was tired by the time I got to the top of this lookout tower. To the east all you could see was the Manistee National Forest and to the west Lake Michigan.

Just to the east of the tower was a steep downhill run on a sand dune that was shaded by trees.  At the very bottom of the dune was all forest as the sand ended right at the bottom.  The sun rarely had any impact on that sun so the boys could go both ways without their feet getting scorched. 

The kids enjoyed the view and were more amazed at the forest side as all they could see were trees.  But they should have known that for ever since they left US 31, the last seven miles were all forest.  Yet once we got to the parking lot of the Recreation Area, there was one sand dune to climb and then Lake Michigan was before them for all the swimming fun they could ask for.

The question remains as to whether or not there were really 235 steps up to the top of that tower.  Each step was a hot one, though, as the sun did have access to those wooden stairs.  Thus it kept you moving fast all the way to the top. 

Tomorrow I will have some more on our trip to this lookout tower.

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