What About a Natahka, Michigan?

On another website I heard another blogger make light of Natahka, Michigan, calling it a “blink” town. I rather favorite the greater Big Bass Lake area getting their own town name and why not Natahka? After all, Larry Bender has put his mark on that area what with his bar and grill plus a country store. There is even a Sunoco gas station as part of that trilogy. Closer to Big Bass Lake itself there used to be a real estate office in close proximity to the old Big Bass Lake Store.

In actuality, all this is supposed to be part of Irons, Michigan, but Irons is a good ten miles away. I favor Natahka, Michigan, and with good reason. There is more to that “town” than the Bender trilogy. The old Big Bass Lake schoolhouse now serves as the Sauble Township Hall and across from that is a softball diamond and next to that a Fellowship Church. And just around the corner from that facility is the Lakeview Cemetery. Thus, Natahka, Michigan, has more to offer than meets the eye of the person who labeled it a “blink” town.

It even has a unique housing community (Heritage Bay) that was once owned by Camp Martin Johnson. Then at the old Luke’s Corner on the north side of Big Bass Lake is Tiny’s Bait Shop. In the years to come many more businesses may open in Natahka, Michigan. Yes, it deserves its only identity. Thoughts?

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