The Rowboats of Big Bass Lake

Ah, what would it have been like on our camping trips without the main vehicle of choice for us at Big Bass Lake?   Our two rowboat served as bathtubs in the evening, diving platforms during swimming hours, and vehicles for racing, fishing, and trips to either the Big Bass Lake Store or to Haunted Island at midnight.

Some of the boys sat in them while on shore catching the evening breeze off the lake.  On a trip with the Marion Boys Club they proved instrumental due to all our water activities that trip.  We had many races between our beach and the Pointe which was a distance of about seventy yards.  Kevin Hansel used the boats to fish from many times near the swamp.

And Keith Hansel and Eddie Crouch used them to launch themselves into the air for diving purposes.  Kenny Huffman once slept in one of the boats all night.  Of course all the boys learned the basics of rowing before being able to go out on the lake by themselves and they always had to have their life jackets with them. 

On the night o Haunted Island trip, I’m sure many of the boys hoped that those boats would have sprung a leak cancelling that voyage.  And Kenny Huffman would have been chief among that number!  Yet, all in all, the boys were sure glad to have those two rowboats on all our trips as they provided them with much fun. 

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